God Protected 28

365 days went by. 3..2..1.. the clock struck 12:00am and I wake up 28.

Where did the years go? Did I live in them or did they live me? How did my legs get so long and my confidence so strong?

As I lay in a bed not my own, that of a Airbnb owner, glaring out of a striped window, I begin to ponder on the life I’ve lived. Many of the memories I didn’t think of simply because so much has transpired.

I was feeling sexy as I threw off the layers of covers and let my feet hit the ground.

The day was ahead of me, 27 years behind me.

I believe in healing. I believe in miraculous acts. I believe in divine connections. I believe in course correction. I believe in love although I’ve been fighting it these days.

I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve been shielded from, many times without me even knowing at that time.

I’ve considered all of the wonderful blessings that have been given to me over the years. Few I’ve strained for.

Being a twin, birthdays are much like holidays. They’re celebrated more. Maybe it’s the awe of two humans coming from one woman in a matter of minutes.

What I know for sure, God protected 28. I’ve settled. I’ve went against my intuition to keep what I thought I needed. I’ve made silly and serious mistakes. There’s been times I haven’t been honest with myself. I’ve pushed people away when I didn’t get my way. Even in all that, God protected 28.


Glow – The Confetti Project

What Do You Celebrate?

I Celebrate: Glow

I celebrate glow. The essence of the human soul that illuminates when confidence, freedom and awareness are present. Glow is essential to living a life in color. As a young girl, I would marvel at the twinkle in my father’s eyes as he smiled at my siblings and me. He transferred the glow to me and I took the torch. I realized it took practice, work if you will, to choose to exude glow. Before I was allowed to wear makeup, I made it my business to wear an internal highlighter. I became more aware of how lighting my path created this metallic snowball for glow to return to me. Fast forward 10 years later, and I find myself a part of a 5 member team exchanging glow virtually and across the world. I held the banner of glow as I landed in Kassali, Uganda to train women and girls in leadership, community development and dignified work. Standing in front of pieces of my ancestors, I learned a deeper meaning of glow. I learned that it doesn’t matter what you do, what you wear or where you come from. Glow comes from within and it isn’t limited in access. It’s yours to cultivate, spread and reciprocate.

For more information, visit http://www.theconfettiproject.com.

Ever had moonshine that tastes like water? 

Part one of five of the blog series, Adventures in Mississippi. Explore with me the unknown adventures of this state. 

On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I walked into what looked like a previously abandoned building. The smell of yeast rushed into my nostrils as I inhaled. I skimmed the building filled with metal machinery, barrels, and pallets of Vodka. 

We were met by a cheery voice “Hi guys! Welcome to Cathead Distillery! I’m glad you guys could make it.”

As our tour began, we headed towards the machinery. Facing where it all goes down, we learned the main ingredients of Vodka. 

Who knew corn starch was a core ingredient of the process? A few things we learned (particular to Cathead) included:

  • It takes about 7-10 days to make vodka 
  • It’s the first legal distillery in MS to open since prohibition 
  • It takes less than a second to fill a bottle from the LIQUITOTES (container to the far right)

The final phases of our 30 minute tour included viewing where barrels are stored before they are shipped, the facilities they are shipped to, and taste testing 4 liquors of our choice.

My favorites were: Original Cathead Vodka and Hoodoo. Yes, the latter one is spooky but delicious!

If you’re ever in Jackson, MS and interested in learning about the distillation process of vodka, I definitely recommend scheduling a tour. Here’s an awesome Groupon to save a few coins. 

   Stay true. Stay wild. Stay adventurous.

Until next time,

Britney L. Clark 

Fear is 100% Mental

It’s Summertime! It’s time to grab your bikini(or trunks) you bought the year before. The sun is beaming and the beach is calling your name. I haven’t made it to the beach yet, but June 23rd I joined the fun at Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin’ Theme Park. I was so excited when my aunt mentioned going a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been years, so I have vague memories of past experiences.

We loaded up the car, and we were on our way! Of course, we had a few unplanned stops but hey who cares it’s summertime. After completing my daily readings, I told my aunt I recently started listening to Blues more. She found that hysterical. She happened to have a Blues CD in her disc player that she turned up. It was hilarious to hear all of us singing along! I tend to sing over every song, but they all know how I do by now.


So we are here. Let’s go! It’s time to get on the rides. My natural instincts drew me to the small attractions like the Lazy River and the Wave Pool. As we caught the waves, we felt comfortable. We were in the pool for about 15 minutes, and we knew we had to get more excitement and quickly. 

After about a 20 minute meeting, my friend, Danielle, and I persuaded my twin sister to ride the Voodoo, The World’s Largest Dark Behemothbowl Slide. Of course, we did not tell her that part. As we waited in line slowing moving one step at a time, fear became the topic of discussion. We talked about how fear can stifle what you do, how you do it, and limit your perspective. Danielle, one of the bravest souls I know, said confidently “Fear is 100% mental.” I couldn’t agree with her more. We were so high in the air, yet our spirits were so calm. Why? Because we did not allow fear of heights, fear of the potential unsteadiness of the steps, or fear of the ride stop us from enjoying ourselves. The same principles can be applied to everyday life. We fear what others may think about us, what they may know about us, their opinions, and the list goes on. If you really think about it, none of it means anything IF you know who you are. 

So we are in our tube and coming down like The Price is Right!!!! We taught the Voodoo ride a thing or two. Here it is:

We challenged ourselves to scare ourselves. We wanted to push the envelope. We wanted to taste fear, so we could conquer it. Check out the other rides we took for a spin:

The Mad Moccassin. This baby was fierce at the end!

The Azuka, the World’s Largest Tornado Slide. Yikes! It was scary, but it’s not like you can turn around on your way down. ANDDDD last but not least, Lafitte’s Plunge.

A sister almost drowned on this, but Hey! Danielle pumped by head up and said the only way the day would be a success is if I got on this. Of course, I fell into peer pressure. I am so glad I did ,because I have no fear of dropping 90′ feet from the air again!

So our day was made!!! We laughed, we talked about our careers and aspirations, we demolished greasy hamburgers and french fries, and drank the best lemonade we had ever had. The main memory we have and will always remember is: NEVER LET FEAR LIMIT YOUR THINKING AND MORE IMPORTANTLY YOUR ACTIONS! Live and Conquer! 

**View Fear is 100% Mental Part 2 to see the Azuka and Lafitte’s Plunge videos.