Dasani with the Drip: HOTWORX Edition

Many say Thank God it’s Friday or Happy Friday as an indicator that we can’t wait to relax and settle into our weekend plans. I had another idea in mind. I wanted to try something new. Something that would challenge me and even energize me to stay active over the weekend.

30 degree weather isn’t the friendliest with high winds wrapping around you like an infinity scarf. Nonetheless, I walked swiftly to the entrance of a building that appeared it needed a security code to get in. I could only imagine what was inside was worth seeing.

I was greeted by the friendliest blonde who clearly had her coffee and great customer service training. She gave me a quick tour of the most modern, high tech gym I’d ever seen. What looked like small cabins housed hundreds of infrared panels for two kinds of workouts: yoga classes or HIIT workouts.

I had done both before but I chose the 40 minute hot yoga class in 125 degrees infrared heat. I was provided a towel, HOTWORX yoga mat, and a foam roller. I was all set. Now all I had to do was get in and put in the work.

The clock counted me down 60..59..58.. seconds until three yogis appeared on the television screen with instructions for the class, the poses we would do, and how long we would sit in the poses.

5 minutes in the class, I glanced at the thermostat, now sitting at a lovely 123 degrees. My body was responding fast. My heart rate already at 136 beats per minute.

The hot yoga class was intense including one legged planks, eagle pose, and warrior pose 1 and 2.

I paused a few minutes during the class to hydrate with water. I stretched, I pushed through it, and told my body yes when it was saying “that’s enough sister.”

Sweat dripped off me like raindrops on window sills. I was detoxing as I was working out. How cool is that? The clock counted down 30 seconds for each interval in what seemed like slow motion at times.

At the end of the session, I felt like I had won a race. I felt like I had accomplished something big. That’s what HOTWORX is about. Sweating, detoxing, and gaining strength.

Before I left the gym, I purchased a HOTWORX during band to use at home in my infrared sauna room.

If you want to switch up your workout, not too fond of the gym, or looking for a new way to train, check out a HOTWORX class.

You’ll learn about infrared heat, different row bikes, and most importantly you’ll learn you don’t have limits unless you create them.



Three part being: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Feed one more than the other and you’ll notice it instantly. All 3 parts need to be fed equally. That’s the only way you balance yourself out in life. -Ray Lewis, former NFL player 

Thin People Have Problems Too

Okay, so we all know weight’s a sensitive topic. It’s like #2 on never ask a woman this list! It seems to be the one of the things people worry or fret over most. It plays a part in your confidence and health. 
Many dread yearly physicals because they know the doctor is going to order a certain amount of pounds to lose to get that blood pressure down or as a prerequisite for a procedure. Many men and women are ashamed of their clothing sizes and how society views them. 
Now granted, I’ve never had to deal with those issues on a serious level. I’m 5’10 with an athletic build with a sunny personality, and I don’t share this to boast about my appearance. I tell you this because I, yes, the slender woman get ugly looks and rude comments based off of my appearance. 
You would not believe the countless times I’m insulted in the gym with comments like “Why are you here? You’re already little.” or “You look so poor.” or “Your legs sure do look like sticks.” First and foremost, no one should feel they have the freedom to openly insult anyone. Secondly, we are all human beings who have feelings. Thirdly, our physical make up is inherited from our parents genetics. Fourthly, we cannot create a better world if people allow their self hate to cause others harm. Fifthly, you never know if a person may be dealing with a disorder or health condition.
Now, if you’re guilty of this.. No worries. You know better now. If you’ve been insulted for your weight or appearance, never take it personally. Be you. Be confident. Be proud of who you are.


It’s a Lifestyle

I use to make excuses for my lack of discipline in the gym. I would always say “I do not have time.” or “It does not make a significant difference.”, or “I am already fine.” haha (Don’t judge me). I would tell myself walking to class is my work out or all the ripping and running I do between my two part-time jobs, community service, and class is my exercise. There is truth to that, but not all truth.

As I was working one Saturday at the Campus Trails Leasing Office, a young lady walked in with Nike gear painted on. She looked tough. She looked fit. She looked like she was born with muscles. She handed me a free day pass at the gym she works at, Rice Fitness. On the flyer, I seen pictures of people pulling on straps and using their body as their machine. I thought this looks cool, so I’ll try it. A week later, I went to the TRX gym and met the owner. He was so excited about working out, it was almost scary. Just from the first few minutes I could tell he loves fitness. He was very knowledgeable about fitness and health. So we got started, and it was tons of fun! He not only demonstrated the exercise, but he explained what each exercise was doing to my body. I was sold! It was time to stop making excuses and get to work.

February, 20, 2014, I signed up to be a member at Rice Fitness & Sports Performance.



My goals are overall fitness and tone. I dedicate four mornings out of a week to achieve my goals, and I must say they are slowly being realized. Check that arm out!



Rice Fitness’s atmosphere is military motivated due to the owner, Kenneth. 

He is an United States Army Veteran, Master Fitness,  and Special Forces Trainer.  Mr. Rice states “I am dedicated to achieving a mission of creating lifelong awareness about the positive influence of fitness on an individual’s wellness, risk reduction and life extension.” Rice, a former athlete and standout football player at B.L. Moor High School (currently East Oktibbeha High and collegiate football, actively served in the U.S. Army for many years and worked for Department of Defense in the capacity of a Special Forces Trainer in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Take a look at how he motivates every person that steps in the gym:



My training zone:


This blog is to motivate, inspire, and encourage. You may love how you look now, but are you working towards staying that way? Overall health and fitness is essential to a happy life! You need energy to work, to serve others, and to be efficient at what you do. You must prepare mentally before you take the charge to get started. Trust me, once you start you will be so happy you did! I don’t work out because I hate my body… I work out because I love it!