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God, I’m tired but my soul won’t rest.

God, I’m sad but my spirit is surviving.

I’m tired of seeing your people crying.

I’m tired of seeing your people surviving and dying inside.

I’m tired of the brutality, blatant disrespect, intimidating energy and manipulative behavior.

I watch the sun rise as my eyes stay up to wait on my black king to return home.

I send a text. I make a call — no answer.

My heart starts racing, pacing, wondering if he got chased by a upholder of the law. Or is he?

God, your people are tired. I would ask how long but I know you know the anxiousness of my awareness.

I won’t back down. I won’t be defeated. I won’t let my guard down. No, I won’t be defeated.

A black man can’t be beat. Let’s go…

Dreams and Nightmares

As little kids, we are always encouraged to dream. In fact, to DREAM BIG. Before we are old enough to think for ourselves, we are asked the famous childhood question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Most children answer this question based off of occupations they’ve seen glorified — teacher, firefighter, policeman, doctor or lawyer.

It is the cutest thing until that once young child realizes the commitment, time, and dedication it takes to master each profession.

The child quickly learns their dreams aren’t just a word away put several steps ahead of where he currently is.

What about the little girl who grew up planning her wedding before her own personal purpose and success? She vividly imagines the white, flowing dress with her 10 best friends in her wedding party.

She imagines the most handsome, perfect and charming man she will get to call her forever.

Dreams are beautiful. Dreams are brave. They keep us living beyond our current realities. But what if we considered the nightmares that come with the dreams.

Would it make the dream less desirable? No. Would it make the realities clear and help set proper expectations? Yes.

Let’s go back to the little child who dreams of being a doctor but has no idea it takes a minimum of 8 years of school and rigorous competition to land his residency.

Let’s consider telling him he will have to sacrifice his time, his personal desires, and fund this process with personal assets or student loans. Let’s mention the challenges so he will know before the white coat he will have to get down and dirty (do the work) to earn it.

Let’s go back to the little girl dreaming of her Prince Charming coming to save her from her singleness gloom. Let’s mention self-love, self-respect and honor to attract the man she’s dreaming of. Let’s mention her man will not be perfect as no human is. Let’s mention he will eventually disappoint her because Superman is a man first.

As adults, let’s pair nightmares with dreams. Let’s look at both sides of the coins and not just the flip side.

A higher salary in Corporate America will more than likely require more production out of you and more time away from your family.

A FREE deal advertised, one will pay for in some way whether it be time or money. *Queue timeshare presentations*.

A leadership role will only do so much for your pride and ego as you learn you will serve others more than you will yourself.

As I plan my next moves, I’m writing a nightmare by every dream. What about you?

The Day I Grew Strength From My Ancestors Wounds

I used to consume history in high school like popsicles on a sunny day. I was intoxicated with learning what happened before my existence. My mind swelled with knowledge of how what became what and how who become who. I would go through trails in my head with the intent to get to the end of how I ended up here. In America. After years of slavery.

On a cold Thursday afternoon, I made my way to the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum located in Downtown Jackson, Mississippi. As I walked through the doors, I was met by two police officers. The lady said “Take everything out your pockets. Step forward.” I did so. It was procedure, but I instantly felt a small sense of what would be ahead.

As I made my way to the beginning of the eight exhibit museum, I started here. Instantly taken aback by what I was reading. My eyes glazed over metal chains used as restraints, documents of laws and pictures of cotton, poverty, and politics. I was on an emotional roller coaster that hadn’t even reached its peak.

Before proceeding to certain simulations and presentations, the museum had warning signs of how graphic the pictures may be. As I stepped in certain spots, the intercom said “Hey! What are you doing here? You better get out of here if you don’t want any trouble.” It was in real voices. The same voices my ancestors heard day in and day out.

One went as far as the sound of a rifle being prepared for action. Although I was in a safe place, my mind started to imagine what it must have been like living in the times of slavery and post-slavery.

I imagined punishment for little or no reason, deep senses of fear in the bellies of every black person in those times, the rise of faith and doubt, the organization of movements and companies, the birth of children and the death of some. I imagined hymns being moaned when words couldn’t be mustered. Oh, I imagined a lot.

When I exited imagination, I reentered reality. I was grateful to have gained a small glimpse into my history. I was saddened by the lives lost to fight for the freedoms I have today. I was inspired to press on another day knowing my ancestors had endured far worse than I ever have.

Many of the wounds are still open today. History is living in the present. I still see injustice, poverty, slavery of the mind, depression and systematic oppression. But in the eye of my soul, there’s light, there’s hope, there’s freedom, there’s truth and there’s time. I walked out of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum with my curly head held high with a bandaid of strength over my ancestors wounds.


We act like we have time. Well, we do. Just not to waste. Some historians say time is an illusion, and it really doesn’t exist. I haven’t completed any detailed research to affirm or disagree. I’m simply stating a point of view.

The intended point is what are we spending our time on?
Is it productive? Is it mind stimulating?
Is it engaging? Is it purposeful?
Will it benefit our offspring?

I wonder when we answer these questions what our responses will be. By our results so far, it’s evident we are not as productive as we could be.

It’s evident we try to catch every snapchat of another person’s life instead of focusing on building our own.

It’s evident we relentlessly stroll through our Instagram news feeds debating on whether or not we should like a picture.

It’s evident we rather sit in front a TV that shows nothing but propaganda and negative images intended to distort our thinking than create positive images we can build on.

Time is the only commodity you cannot get back once you’ve used it. You may say “I’m only 20-something. I have time.” Actually you don’t, before you know it you’ll look up and years have flown by.

How you used your time will be VERY EVIDENT.



Guys couldn’t be happier its finally football season. Women are pulling out the boots and demin jeans. We embrace the cooler weather coupled with pumpkin lattes. 

This is also the month for the leaves to change including the ones in your life. This is the month to shift your focus to things you haven’t mastered. This is the month to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. This is the month to invest in YOU. 

Cheers to a month filled with tailgates, fall fashion, and personal growth. 

Dear Women:

Dear Women:
Why are you so concerned with outward adornment?

Why are you so anxious to buy the next MK bag only to fill it with the little money you have left?

Why are you so anxious to wear other women’s hair out of insecurity of your own?

Why are you so quick to condemn your male counterparts out of your lack of understanding of their way of thinking?

Why are you searching for yourself in another person?

Why are you so focused on catching a man’s eye instead of his respect?

Why are you carelessly spending your resources on nonproducing assets?

Why do you hold your head down in the presence of another?

Why do you not value your dominion over the Earth?

Why do you give so freely when you have nothing to give?

Why do you disrespect your sister to make yourself better?

Why do you listen to music that degrades you?

Why do you seek wealth from the abilities of others and not your own?

Why do you not stand up for what’s right when you know the truth?
Dear Women, I just want to know WHY you have let centuries, decades, years past without exercising your nation building power.
Wake up and STAND up.
Written by: Britney Clark

Write It On Your Heart


I remember working as a cashier in 2008 at the local Piggly Wiggly. I loved the camaraderie I experienced with my coworkers and the relationships developed with my customers. Regardless of what kind of day I had before I hit the clock, I had a responsibility to best serve everyone at my place of employment. The majority of the time I smiled very brightly because of my thankfulness of having a job and my contentment in where I was. My contentment allowed me to have peace in pursuit of where I was going.

One day, a frequent customer asked me what I was going to study in college and what did I want to be. I replied excitingly, “I am going to be an accountant and work at an accounting firm.” He replied, ‘Yeah right. You work at Piggly Wiggly.” I chuckle now at his limited visibility to be in the presence of God’s child and not see it. Each time he came in the store, he purposely came through my line to “chat”. I am not sure what his intentions were nor do I care.

I mentally wrote what he said on my heart. Why? Because it was motivation to achieve my goals even more, and I did. I went to college, studied accounting, and God afforded me the opportunity to have not one, but TWO internships in the Accounting industry. Both companies offered me full-time positions, but I respectfully declined to pursue other opportunities.

Moral of the story: NEVER let anybody tell you you can’t do something. Write it on your heart and use it as motivation to succeed. If it’s something you believe in that’s all it takes to accomplish it.