Reminders from God’s Calendar

Monday night before bed, I reviewed my monthly goals. Goals are easier to chew when you take a bite each day. Say no to overindulgence, my friends.

I said to myself, “When I wake up, I’m going to do this, this and this.” Gratefully, the sun rose and I had another chance to strive towards my goals. I hopped out of bed, ready to take on the day, listening to my favorite YouTube video I listen to every morning: Who You Are Message to All Women

I jumped in my car and headed to my first stop of the day. I planned in my head and iPhone calendar I would be out by 10:00am based off of historical information given to me by others who had the same experience.

As I sat in the waiting area, sipping my hot coffee black, I engaged in light conversations with a few other people who were also planning the rest of their day and stating how much they HAD to do before the day was over.

Time quickly passed and 9:00am was upon us. I began to think how “I” could hurry this process. How “I” could make sure I was on to the next thing as “I” had planned the day before.

I shifted in my seat this way and the other, cleared my throat, checked my watch again and again, yet nothing happened.

I was slowly coming into the realization that I was not going to be able to leave when I expected. Isn’t it funny how we think we have control over others, the environment and the circumstances?

I was quickly reminded I could only control my reactions and attitude to what was going on around me. As I was asked to stand, shortly after I was asked to sit again as I was chosen to serve a civic duty.

Was I mentally, emotionally or even spiritual prepared for what I was walking into? No. Was I present to what had to be done over what I was desired to do? Yes.

I was called to make a shift and here are 7 reminders God’s calendar notified me of as I sat in a freezing cold room surrounded by people I had never met or even seen before.

1. What God wants you to do will always prevail over what you are choosing.

2. You are not nor have you ever been in control of anything other than yourself and your actions.

3. When you are present you are not missing anything.

4. You can fight for what you want or allow God to give you what you need.

5. You are progressing even when it feels like you are standing still.

6. There are people who need your presence more than you often realize.

7. Four hands on a steering wheel causes accidents, take yours off. Trust God’s.

I deleted all of my calendar plans for that day and quietly, gently whispered to myself “I want your calendar God, not mine.”


The Spirit Virus

What ever happened to soul food? I’m not talking about the collard greens, the cornbread, the yams, or the dressing. I’m talking about the infectious, tasty conversations people use to bring to the table. Now, it seems like we as culture drink spoiled milk and vomit on others in public. Our attitudes being as tasteless and dry as a chef cooking homemade Mac and cheese for the first time.

Who do we turn to for answers? Or do we turn to ourselves? I believe we turn to ourselves. That’s the only thing within our control. Our reactions, our responses, our choices. Even not choosing is a choice.

This week, I got extremely sick at work. Sharp pains started at the top of my head to the soles of my feet. As I finished one customer, I went to speak with my manager. He greeted me with “Brit Brit, what’s up?” I replied “I feel very ill.”

He ordered me to the back to sit down for 10 minutes and to drink water. I did what he said, but I felt like I needed more than physical nourishment. I thought it may be a bad response to the food I had just eaten. I thought it was the bipolar weather of the south that had triggered my immune system to break down.

With tears running down my face, my body in physical pain and my eyes closed shut, I simply prayed.

When my 10 minute timer went off, I headed back. Still not physically or mentally up to the challenge of offering our latest promotions with a smile, I called it a day. I grabbed my things. Leaving my beloved cheesecake behind, I headed home.

For the next 36 hours, I took medicine, drank lots of water and meditated. The most effective of the the three turned out to be meditation. What was happening internally had a direct effect on my physical ailments.

My spirit was infected with self-doubt, frustration, irritation and toxic energy from others I encounter on a daily basis. So I turned to myself for answers. For a response. I decided I had the cure. Even if the food left me terribly ill, there had to be seeds already there to manifest such a horrible reaction. I won’t diagnose anyone else but here are symptoms of the spirit virus and things to avoid:


  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Lack of joy and peace
  • Challenge in communicating
  • Tension in the neck and under eyes
  • Doubt of a hopeful and divine future

Things to avoid:

  • Patients who have the spirit virus but do not desire treatment
  • Your own negative thoughts
  • Environments where toxic energy of normalized
  • Comparing your life to others
  • Revisiting memories without an intent to learn a lesson or choose gratitude

I believe the Human spirit is one of the greatest assets we have. When it’s sick our bodies let us know.

Peace and blessings,


Finding the Beauty in the Unknown 

Alarm clock goes off. Snooze or not to snooze? Lay here for a few more minutes or get right to it? Am I excited about the day or dreading it? Is this really what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? Sigh. It’s 7:15am, whatever the answer is to the latter will have to wait…

Life is a journey you never quite figure out. As the seasons change, so do you. We rarely like to admit that the life we envisioned years, months, or weeks ago has changed. It is much easier to stay put rather than explore the uncertainties of your mind.

Why? You may find truths that no longer align with what you have been trained to believe. You may find who you truly are isn’t what you present to world each day. You may find more comfort is piling your insecurities in the corners of your mind rather than addressing them.

I know. Tough. But if I don’t challenge your thought process, who will? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Here are 3 ways to find beauty in the unknown and come out stronger on the other side:

1. Be okay with not knowing.

The first step to growth is acknowledgment. You cannot dissect an area of your life you are not willing to accept. It is okay to be confused, frustrated, and uneasy with the uncertainty. But ONLY for a moment. These are natural responses, but they don’t have to become you. Take the same energy it would take to sit in those emotions and intitate self-discovery.

Exercise: For the next 7 days, take 5 minutes each day to write down what you enjoy, don’t enjoy, and are willing to sacrifice to get what you enjoy. 

2. Ask for counsel.

We have counselors in high school and college for a reason. They have been trained or have completed the research to know what classes you need to take to get from Point A to Point B. Why not have counsel for your life? There are people who have walked paths you may not even know exist. Don’t let your pride stand in the way of asking for help. Be willing to be lead. It takes permission for someone to lead you.

Exercise: Following the first 7 days, find 3 people who you think are the shit! (Meaning: You admire their values, work ethic, business, etc.) Reach out to them and ask for a dialogue of how they overcame uncertainty in their lives. You want the REAL. Not the surface level blasé. Always offer something of value too. Whether we like to admit it or not, people like to engage in activities that benefit them too.

3. Create a plan to move toward certainty. 

So, now you have a better sense of what you like and don’t like and you’ve solicited counsel. Take your self-discoveries and counsel and create a plan. I’m not suggesting a 5-year plan. Baby steps people, baby steps. Start with a week at a time. Each day devoting time to build on your discoveries. It could be learning how to monetize a blog, coding, or learning how to cook. Whatever your desires are, integrate it in your daily activities.

Exercise: Document your progress and don’t celebrate until you have something to celebrate. Hint: A lot of us celebrate to soon.

Finally, you were born great. Make sure you die great.

With love,


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S P R I N G  F O R T H

Who’s ready for Spring? I think we are in agreement that we have had a harsh winter filled with wintry mixes and snow storms. 

As I look out on my balcony this morning, I’m amazed at the beauty of the day. The sun is shining ever so bright welcoming the new season. I love every season. 

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: (‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3‬:‭1‬ NIV)

Spring’s opening debut is March 20th. Appreciate the seasons past and expect blooming flowers, humid air, and rain showers. I’m confident this season is filled with so much beauty, growth, and prosperity. I hope you are too.